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Miami-Dade is a beautiful County. Complete with stunning scenic beauty, blue waters and year-round sunshine, the place has become one of the best tourist spots in the country. Looking at it now, no one will say that it was once an uninhabitable marshy swamp. Over the years, the region has undergone tremendous transformation and now it is one of the best examples of urbanization.

Air conditioning: How it’s burdening our pockets?

Homestead AC Services Homestead, FL 786-504-5081While the County has made re markable progress, it is not without its share of problems. The exponential growth in population has led to space constraints and people have to stay in compact places now. However, air conditioning has been the saving grace and has made it possible for residents to have cool and comfortable indoor spaces. Overtime, the reliance on cooling systems has increased and for most property owners, air conditioning usage makes up for 30-40% of their energy bills. A lot of money is gone towards its maintenance as well.

The key to efficient air conditioning use

If you are worried about mounting bills due to air conditioning usage, deciding to use the system altogether is not a viable option. Summers in Miami-Dade can be really scorching and ACs are indispensable. What you can do instead is to incorporate some measures as suggested by Homestead AC Services – industry leader in AC service - to reduce your costs.

  • Find the right AC:

    Installing the wrong size AC can severely impact the working of your system. It will not only cause improper cooling of your spaces, but will also add to your energy costs. If you are planning to install an AC, you can hire a professional to find the right machine.

  • Install it right:

    AC installation doesn’t mean just mounting the unit. There are several factors that need looking into such as the insulation of the property and weather stripping among others. When you hire us, you can rest assured of quality installation.

  • Use natural air conditioning:

    When temperatures are cooler, you can use fans or open up your windows to let fresh breeze in. Using natural air conditioning sometimes helps cut down on the costs of AC usage.

  • Say yes to maintenance:

    Ignoring maintenance almost always comes at a price. Regular tune-ups are imperative to help identify small issues before they blow up into major faults causing heavy expenses. Also with regular upkeep, the life of your system is extended.

  • Check for leaks

    Leakage is a common factor during AC usage. Our professionals will inspect your unit for refrigerant leaks and fix them. Leaks not only affect the efficiency of the machine, but also harm the environment.

  • Plant shade trees

    Planting shade trees around your property can help to keep temperatures down. It can also help cut down on the AC costs by a large margin.

  • Know who to trust

    With AC companies a dime a dozen in the region, there are unscrupulous technicians that are waiting to dupe customers. When it comes to AC services, it is important that you hire only trusted names. Trust Homestead AC Services for the best quality services!

A to Z air conditioning solutions

No matter what kind of service you need, Homestead AC Services is the best one-stop air conditioning expert for all your AC services. We work round-the-clock and service all kinds of residential and commercial clients Miami Dade County. We are highly responsive and no matter when you call us, we can reach you in less than 20 minutes and fix your concerns.

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